Lecture at Stanford University

On February 20 I gave a lecture at Stanford University (which I neglected to put up on this website). But here’s the link. I also gave a seminar on February 21. And this gives me an opportunity to thank my gracious hosts at Stanford, Professors Joshua Landy and Lanier Anderson, for making these events so intellectually interesting.

Wittgenstein, Austin, Cavell at Litteraturhuset, Oslo

I will give a talk at Litteraturhuset in Oslo (in Norwegian) on Tuesday 15 May. The talk will begin by focusing on §1 in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations. I will go on to discuss J. L. Austin’s footnote about shooting donkeys (in “A Plea for Excuses”), and then consider Cavell’s views on philosophy as self-revelation, and on the relationship between philosophy and literature. The idea is to convey some of the attractions of the vision of language of the “new Wittgenstein” or “ordinary language philosophy” for anyone interested in literature, or in the humanities more broadly.