“Provoking Attention” conference at Brown University

I will be participating in the “provoking attention” conference at Brown University on April 7 and 8


April 7-8
“Provoking Attention”
Pembroke Hall 305
172 Meeting Street

Are we paying enough attention? Or the right kinds of attention? We are told that people suffer more than ever from deficits of attention (a word often thought about in economic metaphors) and from an impoverishment of its range and richness. But what are we doing when we are paying attention, and how do we describe its value? This conference will begin from the suggestions that powerful claims about attention link criticism to political and social theory and psychoanalysis and from the speculation that the conjunction of these disciplines will yield new insights into the stakes of our attentions.

Speakers include:  Adam Phillips; Vanessa Agard-Jones, Columbia University; Amanda Anderson, Brown University; Leo Bersani, University of California/Berkeley; Matt Bevis, Oxford University; Jonathan Crary, Columbia University; Veena Das, Johns Hopkins University; Sergio Delgado, Harvard University; Rita Felski, University of Virginia; Brian Goldstone, Columbia University; Bonnie Honig, Brown University; Heather Love, University of Pennsylvania; Toril Moi, Duke University; Jeff Nunokawa,  Princeton University; David Russell, Oxford University; Minnie Scott, Tate Gallery; Helen Small, Oxford University; and Nancy Yousef, City University of New York.

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