Talking about Ibsen and Newfoundland on Canadian Radio

On Sunday 23 October, CBC’s radio program “The Sunday Edition” had a segment on Ibsen, which included an interview with a fascinating young Sudanese artist inspired by Ibsen’s Nora, and a conversation with Paula Dankert, from the National Theatre in Ottawa, and Toril Moi, and the experience of studying Ibsen on Fogo Island.  A link to the audio file (available as a pop-up from the page) can be found here.

The Ark: Ibsen on Fogo Island, Newfoundland

I am embarking on the Ibsen Ark! Off the east coast of Newfoundland, a group of committed theatre artists, actors and theatre students are spending three weeks immersing themselves in Ibsen. I am privileged to be able to go there to join forces with Juni Dahr, the great Norwegian Ibsen actress and her Visjoner Teater company, from September 9 to September 12. The event is organized by the English Theater at  The National Arts Center in Ottawa, Canada, in collaboration with Fogo Island Arts Corporation. I am also looking forward to seeing the land where the Vikings landed back in the 11th century!

Emperor and Galilean and terrorism

I have uploaded a brief essay I wrote for Dagens Næringsliv (in Norwegian), about the connection between Ibsen’s Emperor and Galilean and terrorism. The pdf file has a beautiful photo from the National Theatre’s brilliant production of the play.